Campaign for 2018

We are campaigning to fund research that will help improve development outcomes for all newborns.


The Mother and Child Foundation believes healthy childhood should be the rule rather than the exception.

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We are battling mental ill-health at its source – before and during pregnancy. Your support will help us continue our research into how and why the nutritional health of mothers-to-be is the key to a child’s mental wellbeing.

  • Our work at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital has so far enabled us to predict the chances of preterm birth based on levels of oleic acid* and other mono-unsaturated fats in a mother’s blood. The lower the levels, the greater the risk of a baby being preterm, with all the associated mental health risks.
  • We now need to follow up our investigations by looking at the impact of omega-3 (a fatty acid derived largely from sea foods) during pregnancy on later developmental outcomes of the children.
  • The ultimate aim of our campaign is to identify potential modifiable nutritional risk factors and in doing so help lower the risk of mental-health across the lifespan.

HELP US PUT AN END TO MENTAL ILL-HEALTH – donations are being handled by secure donations portal Goodworld.