The Prevention of Mental Health Disorders – Video

Professor Michael Crawford gave a powerful and succinct talk on the prevention of mental health disorders at the Nutritious Minds launch last year.

Prof Michael Crawford at Nutritious Minds launch
Michael Crawford at the Nutritious Minds launch

Courtesy of Nutritious Minds founder Dr Rachel V. Gow, we can now listen again to what Michael had to say.

If ever you wanted a 15 minute summary of the nature of the problem, the science behind the scare stories, and what we can do about it, this is the video.

Humanity’s Number One Problem

“In 1972 Andrew Sinclair and I discovered that the brain requires omega-3 DHA”, says Professor Crawford at the beginning of the video. “As a consequence it wasn’t difficult to put together the simple scenario for the human race, that if the food system didn’t support the brain, the brain would diminish.

“We wrote a book about this, called What We Eat Today. In it we stated that unless the brain was taken into consideration through food policy, brain disorders would soon start taking over.

“The tragedy is that this is what has happened. Brain disorders have now taken over all other burdens of ill health as the number one problem facing the health of humanity.”

There are solutions, and they’re based on diet and a change in food policy. So it’s a story with a potentially happy ending – but nations must act, now, to prevent an escalation of the problem.

Watch the video here.

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