Malnutrition – the Scourge of Our Times

food distribution to combat malnutrition
Shocking fact: young and old alike are blighted by malnutrition in 2018

Malnutrition is impacting physical and mental health across the world.

Two recent stories underlined this sobering vision. A report by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Hunger highlighted the plight of seniors in the UK, citing loneliness and isolation as the main causes of malnutrition.

The drivers for this sad situation are bereavement, illness, shop closures axed community transport and the loss of the Meals on Wheels service.

The story was reported in Nutraingredients – read the full story here.

Malnutrition in Africa

Elsewhere it was reported that many African leaders are coming together in an attempt to combat their continent’s chronic malnutrition problem.

Their aim, says Nutraingredients report on the initiative, is “to improve the nutritional needs of the continent’s children and reduce the rates of stunted growth and development.”

The vehicle for this ambition is African Leaders for Nutrition (ALN) – “an initiative to tackle malnutrition and elevate nutrition as driver for economic growth and development.”

“Three million children die every year in Africa from malnutrition”, says African Development Bank President Akinwumi Adesina. “If current trends continue to 2030, Africa will have lost a mind boggling 36 million children because they didn’t have enough to eat or to eat well enough.”

“Along with the African Development Bank, the African Union Commission added their support in nurturing Africa’s ‘grey matter infrastructure’ to help Africa feed itself and become self-sufficient in producing nutritious food”, says the report.

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