How Omega-3 Tackles Attention Deficit Challenges in Kids

attention deficit disorderThere is no magic ‘cure’ for Attention Deficit disorders such as ADD and ADHD. But the symptoms can be addressed with a natural product we have probably spoken about more times in this blog than any other single topic – omega-3 fatty acids.

The Attention Deficit dedicated website ADDitude recently carried the following story, looking at trials in which children with attention deficit problems took an omega-3 supplement.

Data from ten clinical trials indicates that an omega-3 regimen can significantly boost attention, cognition, and other ADHD-related challenges in children with attention deficit — bolstering the reputation of a frequently recommended natural treatment.

Three additional “case-control” studies indicated that children with ADHD had lower levels of EPA and DHA — components of omega-3 fatty acids — in their blood than did control subjects. Though it’s unclear how omega-3 levels correlate to the severity of ADHD symptoms, the researchers hypothesized that a “biomarker-based personalization approach” may be most effective when designing omega-3 regimens for children with ADHD.

‘A recent study by Rapaport has stratified patients with major depressive disorder into a ‘high’ and a ‘low’ inflammation group, and shown that the ‘high inflammation group’ has a better response to EPA,’ the authors write. ‘Therefore, stratification of children with ADHD by omega-3 levels or by immune biomarkers could be one approach to optimize the therapeutic effects of omega-3 supplementation.’

Regardless of future treatment potential, experts were cheered by the positive results of omega-3 supplementation in general.

Read the full report here. There is a wealth of information on the ADDitude website, and equal riches on Dr Rachel V. Gow’s ADHD-dedicated site.

For more information on the importance of omega-3 for mothers and mothers-to-be – and the research taking place to underline the benefits, and hopefully get this subject the full glare of publicity it needs – this article from earlier in the year is a good starting point.

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