Funding the Mother and Child Foundation

The work of The Mother and Child Foundation is critical to safeguard the health and wellbeing of mothers and children, and hence future generations.

We urgently need your support to continue this critical mission and ask you to help by donating via Pay Pal, using the link on the right.

Our fundraising goes towards research into the prevention of disability, and on neurodevelopment education. We aim to invest in global research projects concerned with the prevention and reduction of infant diseases and disorders associated with maternal nutrition and poor condition during pregnancy. The prime concern of our times is the rise in mental ill-health, which is greatest in children and threatens the future of humanity. Adverse maternal conditions result in newborn children sentenced to lives of physical and mental limitations.

Fighting for an equal chance for all, from birthInvestment in nutritional education programs and intervention in vulnerable groups, including mothers and children (pre- and post-birth and during development), is key to eradicating mental poverty and lack of brain capital, and hence poverty.

Giving everyone an equal chance via nutrition

Professor Ahmed Ali Kahn told us that in his country Pakistan, one in two children can neither read nor write. Illiteracy has two faces – lack of education and lack of proper maternal/fetal nutrition. The latter is compounded by ignorance, as so much nutritional advice is based on protein and body growth with the brain-specific fats and iodine neglected.

There is no reason why every child should not be able to fulfil their potential.

Help us, and you’ll be helping the mother and child in every city, state and country.