Good news about Coronavirus / COVID-19?

Many people are seriously worried by this pandemic.  Here’s some news that will hopefully hearten everyone. Six new studies into the novel coronavirus have been funded by the UK government, including testing a vaccine, developing therapies and improving understanding of how to treat COVID-19.  READ MORE.

Supporting Children’s Mental Health in 2020

Our ongoing campaign aims to improve the lives of mothers and children across the globe, through research and education.

The Mother and Child Foundation believes healthy childhood should be the rule rather than the exception

We need your support to fund research that will help improve development outcomes for all newborns.


We are a nonprofit organization working to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of mothers and children, through research and community action.

The future of humanity depends on nutrition. By demonstrating its fundamental importance, we aim to boost maternal health and prevent brain damage during fetal and infant development.

The alarming rise in the cost of mental illness

Children's mental health is paramountThe cost of treating mental ill-health is greater than heart disease and cancer combined – £105 billion in 2010, according to the UK’s Department of Health. In 2013, the Wellcome Trust estimated the cost at £113 billion.

It’s a similar story across the EU, and in the USA the cost is heading towards a trillion dollars. Even more worrying, the issue is being globalised. The Gulf States are witnessing an epidemic of diabetes II – along with the dementia and heart disease that inevitably follow. In some countries around a quarter of the population are affected.

In many developing countries iodine deficiency is another major issue, affecting around 2 billion people, with consequences for the developing brain and cognitive function.

This rapid rise of mental illness, crossing all cultural and economic boundaries, is rooted in lifestyle and nutrition. But we can stop it and reverse it, wherever it occurs.

By supporting us, you will help us achieve this aim.

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