What About the Brain? New Film Project Announced

It only takes the three minutes of their brilliantly produced trailer to see that this is the team for the job. If we only recommend one fundraising campaign this year, this is the one.

How to Support the Film Makers

Kickstarter pledges for this project can be made here.

“More than 2000 years ago Hippocrates advised “Let food be your medicine.” Today, chronic diet-related diseases, including cancer, heart disease, and diabetes are epidemic, but disorders of the brain are taking an even greater toll upon our society and world. The cost of treating mental ill health has now surpassed cancer and heart disease combined.

“While cancer, heart disease and diabetes each have large dedicated organizations promoting related fundraising, education, and research, mental illness remains relatively obscure. As a result, few Americans understand that depression is far more prevalent, easier to get, and more lethal than cancer or heart disease, or that food – what one eats or doesn’t eat – is among the biggest factors influencing mental health. (Hippocrates would not be surprised!)

Prof Michael Crawford at Nutritious Minds launch
Michael Crawford

“In 1970, Professor Michael Crawford returned from Africa where he had witnessed dramatic examples of the clear link between diet and disease. For example, people consuming a diet deficient in calcium developed soft bones and bowed legs. Others eating an iodine-deficient diet suffered goiters and mental retardation.

“Another group consuming a certain type of plant fell victim to a rare type of heart disease. Addressing these deficiencies with the appropriate nutrients was key to addressing the various diseases.

“Back in London, Professor Crawford noted that modern foods were increasingly designed for production, convenience, and profit, at the expense of our biology. He was especially concerned with the rising demonization of dietary fats, given their essential role in human brain health.

“He predicted that, left unaddressed, the brain would inevitably suffer, and wrote about this in his 1972 book, “What We Eat: The Food Manipulators versus the People.” One reviewer wrote at the time, “If Professor Crawford is right, we risk becoming a race of morons.”

Crawford’s Prophecy

“Professor Crawford’s prophecy is now upon us. The proliferation of cheap, nutrient-depleted foods has only increased. Hundreds of billions are spent annually on advertising, meanwhile a broad spectrum of brain disorders are epidemic and rising. As Professor Crawford states in the film, “The evidence is everywhere… and no one’s doing anything about it!”

“We intend to tell this vitally important story in a highly compelling film that will reach millions of people. It will alert and arm its audience with knowledge that will help change the current trajectory of rising mental health disorders, declining IQs, and the grave toll they are taking on our societies and species.

“The brain is the ‘command and control center’ of our lives. It holds the secret of human success. There is no health without mental health. Therefore, we believe that there is no story more important than this story. Please help us tell it.”

Risks and challenges

Mother and Child Advent Calendar Good For Brains
Image from Mother and Child Foundation’s 2018 Advent Calendar

“We believe project risk is negligible. A lot of footage has already been shot, including interviews with more than a dozen experts in related fields. The production crew is passionate about the project, having been working on it for more than three years.

“Besides our committed production team, we have a large network of synergistic health and wellness professionals and Key Opinion Leaders upon whom we will call to help with promotion and distribution.

“Our plan is to leverage these many relationships and their communities to drive viewership and propel the film onto the major streaming and distribution platforms.

“Because we have already created the pilot film, ‘Out of Balance’ and have committed the last three years to refining our story we know how to get the film done. We have the experience and the passion to make a great film. Now we just need your help.

“Finally, above all, we’re committed to making a documentary film that will have a deeply meaningful impact on the lives of millions of people….and what’s better than that?”

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