Transformative technology for greater wellbeing?

transformative technologyHere’s an interesting thought. How far can technology compensate for nutrition-based increases in mental health problems? We may be about to find out, with the arrival of “transformative” technology.

It’s not the answer to the problem, tackling as it does the effect rather than the cause, but it certainly makes for a very thought-provoking subject. As an adjunct to human intelligence, and a close cousin to AI developments, intelligent tech gives a tantalising glimpse of how some social and intellectual barriers might be broken down.

Transformative tech was recently covered in an article on online technology site, which declared “Science and technology will make mental and emotional wellbeing scalable, accessible, and cheap”:

“Ask yourself a simple question. If it were an issue for you, what would you pay to get rid of stress, anxiety, loneliness, sadness, physical and mental pain, or depression? Or conversely, what would you pay to be happy, feel connected, feel understood, change bad habits into better ones, have a healthy brain as you age, or to fulfil your full potential and really thrive?

“Posing that question is the key to decoding one of the biggest new tech markets. We call this sector Transformative Technology, TransTech. Transformative Technology is science-based technology that has a significant impact on mental and emotional wellbeing.

Greater wellbeing via tech

“TransTech leverages mobile, IOT, cheap sensor and wearable proliferation, massive data sets, cheap networks and computing power, machine learning and AI alongside advances in digital medicine and neuroscience, biology and bioinformatics, and AR/VR to support our mental and emotional wellbeing.

“…The ability to micro-monitor our behaviors and biosignals and the accumulation of massive amounts of data will allow for the development of predictive models around psychological health, and programs supporting greater wellbeing.

“…The rise of TransTech will mean that both thriving outcomes and solving basic problems that once were considered an inner journey often dependent on willpower, luck, birth, wealth or some other special, non-measurable element, will become more objectively approached, measured, and supported. Whether we are seeking to feel happy, connected, understood, change bad habits into better ones, have a healthy brain as we age, and fulfil our full potential or if we are solving problems like stress, anxiety, loneliness, sadness, or depression, we will have a technology to support us.”

Read the full article on here.

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