The Return of the New York Oysters!

NeReturn of the New York Oysters Photo via VisualHuntw York Harbor’s Billion Oyster Project is off to a fantastic start. 20,000,000 New York oysters have been restored; 19.7 trillion gallons of water filtered; 72,500 pounds of nitrogen removed; and 300,000 pounds of shells recycled so far.

“By 2030, one billion live oysters will be distributed around 100 acres of reefs, making the Harbor once again the most productive waterbody in the North Atlantic and reclaiming its title as the oyster capital of the world”, as they proudly proclaim on their website.

The Project will include restaurants, live music and exhibitions, making the harbor a social and healthy food hub, and a great example to the rest of the world.

From the perspective of our work here at The Mother and Child Foundation, the project does not make enough reference to the link between eating oysters and the benefits to mental health. This is something we’re very passionate about, and which was outlined powerfully in a recent article by Ray Keene OBE and Professor Michael Crawford.

However, this is an inspiring project, and a terrific turnaround for New York, which was last enjoying local oysters in abundance at the end of the 19th century.

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