Nutritious Minds – New Charitable Trust Launched

Prof Michael Crawford at Nutritious Minds launch
Michael Crawford at the Nutritious Minds launch

Mother and Child Foundation Trustee Dr Rachel Gow has launched a new charitable trust, Nutritious Minds. Its focus is ADHD and related behavioural differences.

Anyone affected by the rollercoaster of ADHD should treat Rachel’s new Trust as their first port of call.

The launch event featured an inspiring wide range of speakers from academia, including Professor Michael Crawford, Oxford University’s Professor John Stein, King’s College London’s Professor Eric Taylor and FAB Research‘s Dr Alex Richardson.

In addition there were inspiring contributions from families Rachel has helped over the past few years.

Rachel also gathered performance artists happy to share their ADHD experience, along with The Mother and Child’s US Ambassador Quinn Bradlee, who flew in from Washington to speak at the event.

Founder Dr Rachel Gow at the Nutritious Minds launch
Founder Dr Rachel Gow at the Nutritious Minds launch. Our US Ambassador Quinn Bradlee is the one about to sneeze!

The Aims of Nutritious Minds

  • Empowering anyone with ADHD, Dyslexia or other “invisible mental-health conditions” to reach their highest potential
  • Providing dietary advice, educational and behavioural support, mentoring, music projects and sports coaching
  • Changing how learning and behavioural differences are viewed in education and the workplace

It’s All About Nutrition

Professor Crawford, over the course of a succinct presentation, shared his latest research results and sprinted through the basics of omega-3 DHA and its centrality to brain health.

This brought him to the crux of the issue – feeding the brain, and the problems of supplying the omega-3 fatty acids necessary for this.

“There’s no way out of this”, as Michael has written on these pages previously, “other than moving forward with vision and ingenuity. The arable land available to us has reached its limit, but the population is still growing. Aquaculture cannot provide all the seafood we need, and is beset with its own nutritional and environmental issues. Farming in the sea is the only answer.”

First Anderson Awards winner
Happy recipient of the first Anderson Awards cheque

Nutritional Minds Awards

One of the highlights of the Nutritious Minds launch was the announcement of two new awards – the Austin Award and the Anderson Award – to be handed out to families affected by ADHD and in need of financial support. The first recipients were handed cheques on the night.

There was also a charity auction, to support the work of the new Trust.

Congratulations to Rachel and everyone involved with this incredibly stimulating evening and inspiring new charity!

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