CHEVREUL medal awarded to Professor Michael Crawford

Professor Michael CrawfordWe are delighted to announce that Professor Michael Angus Crawford, IFBB Trustee and member of our Science Advisory Council, has been awarded the CHEVREUL medal for his outstanding contribution to the identification of DHA as an important determinant in the evolution of the human brain and its fundamental role in brain growth and development.

The Journées Chevreul Lipids & Brain III 2015 Conference was held in Paris on 16-18th March 2014, at which Professor Crawford received his award. His lecture was on the quantum mechanical theory for the exclusive conservation of DHA in neural signalling membranes over the 600 million years of animal evolution.

The conference brought together leading scientists and researchers to present findings into both fundamental and applied research on the metabolism and the biological effects of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) within the brain and the retina.

Follow this link for abstracts of other papers given at this meeting.

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