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The future of humanity depends on nutrition. By demonstrating its fundamental importance, we aim to boost maternal health and prevent brain damage during fetal and infant development.

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The alarming rise in the cost of mental ill-health

Mother and child - ChinaThe cost of treating mental ill-health is greater than heart disease and cancer combined – £105 billion in 2010, according to the UK’s Department of Health. In 2013, the Wellcome Trust estimated the cost at £113 billion.

It’s a similar story across the EU, and in the USA the cost is heading towards a trillion dollars. Even more worrying, the issue is being globalised. The Gulf States are witnessing an epidemic of diabetes II – along with the dementia and heart disease that inevitably follow. In some countries around a quarter of the population are affected.

In many developing countries iodine deficiency is another major issue, affecting around 2 billion people, with consequences for the developing brain and cognitive function.

This rapid rise of mental ill-health problems, crossing all cultural and economic boundaries, is rooted in lifestyle and nutrition. But we can stop it and reverse it, wherever it occurs.

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